Our History

HPLA was established by the late Abdul Hafeez Pirzada BSc. LLD, barrister and senior advocate, Supreme Court, in 1959. Having authored the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, he is remembered as a leading expert in the field of Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Under the dynamic vision of the new head of the firm, Abdul Sattar Pirzada, barrister and advocate, Supreme Court, HPLA has grown considerably in size with flourishing results. Today, the firm consists of partners and members, who are independent, self-employed, specialist legal practitioners, including barristers and advocates of the Superior Courts, along with paralegals and support staff who share HPLA's offices and its administrative facilities, from where an extensive client base, whether overseas or within Pakistan, is serviced. In order to adequately cater to the requirements of HPLA's vast clientele, members are assigned matters according to their areas of expertise and the nature and complexity of the issue. From its well-seasoned and vastly experienced members to its younger and more vibrant ones, HPLA enjoys an exceptional reputation for providing swift, insightful and practical legal advice and solutions to its clients.